A Journey of Weekly Lessons and Live Monthly Coaching Sessions to Cultivate a Lasting Transformation in Your Marriage

What if you could have the keys to experiencing a marriage filled with partnership, joy, and connection?

This Program was designed for YOU!

Join me for a transformational journey to a marriage where you feel supported, taken care of, connected, and loved!

Even in a healthy marriage, people struggle.

  • Even in a healthy marriage, people struggle.
  • Do you sometimes feel like your needs are not being met?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you're buried under mountains of resentment with no way out?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you do so much alone and wonder where your partner is?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you have lost a part of yourself in this marriage?
  • Do you sometimes feel stuck and hopeless that things will never change?

This isn't just another marriage course. It's a journey that starts with you – understanding your desires, your emotions, and, most importantly, how to find joy in your own life. When you start implementing my methodology, your entire life changes, and your marriage completely transforms, without your husband getting involved at all!

After years of coaching and guiding countless women through their marital challenges, I've distilled my methodology into an accessible, 6-week online course. It's designed not just to share knowledge, but to lead you on a journey of profound transformation within your marriage.

My program removes all the couple's work and evokes a change in your husband without his direct involvement!

These tools are not widely known or taught.

We will travel a journey of experiential learning where the tools become your personal guide and manual to build the happy marriage you have dreamed of.


"I really enjoyed your course. I listened to each lesson 3 times. You are giving us amazing information, tools and skills we could acquire to be a better and probably even more pleasant person to be around! I look forward to continue learning with you!"

Rivka T

"I want to thank you for the lessons you gave so far. I feel like you are in my life and you know exactly what my issues are. My perspective really changed a lot."

Leah P

"Rivke had new perspectives and techniques on how to address relationships. It was simple – yet it had a deep effect. Her approach was much better than the way I’d been doing things. And they work."

Sarah H

Your Steps to Transformation

Hi, I'm Rivke Gardner

Years ago, as an idealistic newlywed, I set out into the uncharted territory called marriage. I thought I knew what it would take to be the “perfect” wife and create the “perfect” marriage.

It didn’t take me long to realize that it wasn’t working- I felt overwhelmed and distressed, and didn’t know what I had to do to create a marriage that was deeply connected, supportive, passionate, and fulfilling.

I set out on a quest to MASTER MY MARRIAGE. I spent 18 years learning everything I could about marriage success, taking extensive training courses, becoming certified as a Mastery coach, and discovering what REALLY works!

It pained me that people were struggling and didn’t have the knowledge of how to change their situation. After testing different ideas in my marriage and in the marriages of my clients, and after identifying the tools that equip women to strengthen their marriages and reduce stress in a quick and powerful way, it has become my mission to make sure everyone learns these little known and very impactful tools and techniques that can turn a marriage from lonely and painful to deeply connected and loving. I am committed to giving women the knowledge, tools and support they need to transform their marriages for real. !



Week One

Contrast to Clarity: What do I really Want?
Use powerful tools to access the authentic desires you have for your Marriage. Learn how to tap into the power of desire to create the marriage you have always dreamed of.

Week Two

My Emotions and Zone of Wellbeing
To create intimacy in your marriage you first need to take ownership of your emotions and wellbeing. These tools are the foundations of personal wellbeing and the ability to ride the waves of your emotions gracefully.

Week Three

Frog Farming and Releasing My Fears
Some women know the secrets to turn frogs into princes, however most women turn princes into frogs. Trying to change men doesn't usually work so it's probably easier to change ourselves. Discover the secrets that can bring out the best in your man.

Week Four

Letting Go of Judgement and Resentment
Learn a tool that can turn our thoughts on their heads, allow us to release the judgement we are holding about our husbands and gain some valuable insight into ourselves.

Week Five

Embracing our Humanity
To maintain intimacy in our marriages, we must be standing eye to eye with our husbands, not superior or inferior in value and worth. This powerful tool brings us back to balance.

Week Six

Becoming a Vessel to Receive Goodness
We have all heard about men providing and women receiving. What does this really mean? How do we tap into this fundamental dynamic in a deeper way that can create lasting change?

Why Wait?

If you've been looking for a sign that it's time to focus on your marriage, this is it. Don't wait for the "right" moment. The opportunity for change is here, now, accessible from your own home.

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