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You've reached out for help with your marriage and you've listened to the advice you have gotten. You still feel resentful, frustrated and lonely.


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If you've been looking for a sign that it's time to focus on your marriage, this is it. Don't wait for the "right" moment. The opportunity for change is here, now, accessible from your own home.


What if you could have the keys to experiencing a marriage filled with partnership, joy, and connection?

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Are women coming to you for advice and support? Are these women struggling in their marriages? Do you wish you had clarity about how to help them really feel better? TOOLS that create significant and lasting change?


Have you tried all the advice you have been given? Stop nagging, don’t criticize, communicate with “I” sentences. Do you exercise so much self control and still feel resentful most of the time? Do you still feel stuck and hopeless that things will ever change?

What if you could have the key to a totally different way of experiencing your marriage?

Hi, I'm Rivke Gardner

Years ago, as an idealistic newlywed, I set out into the uncharted territory called marriage. I thought I knew what it would take to be the “perfect” wife and create the “perfect” marriage.

It didn’t take me long to realize that it wasn’t working- I felt overwhelmed and distressed, and didn’t know what I had to do to create a marriage that was deeply connected, supportive, passionate, and fulfilling.

I set out on a quest to MASTER MY MARRIAGE, I spent 18 years learning everything I could about marriage success, taking extensive training courses, becoming certified as a Mastery coach, and discovering what REALLY works!

"Rivke Gardner has broken new ground in restoring health and vitality to personal and interpersonal relationships."

-Rabbi Michel and Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

"Rivke and her tools are creative, insightful, practical, and effective."

-Aliza Bulow